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<p>Treatment of pancreatic tumors without surgery in Egypt and its symptoms<br>2019-May-10 Liver tumor<br>What are pancreatic tumors and their types?<br>Cancer diseases are many and varied between the simple that can be treated and deadly cancer, and the pancreas is one of the vital vital organs in the human body, and pancreatic tumors vary and vary according to the primary disease that causes the disease, and pancreatic cancer is a serious disease.<br><br><br><br>In this article, we will get to know together the topic of pancreatic tumors that occurred due to pancreatic cancer, and treatment of pancreatic cancer, which is one of the serious pancreatic tumors, so we will try to understand the symptoms of the disease and the rate of recovery from it, is it considered a serious disease or not, and the different methods of treating cancer The pancreas, whether it is medical or natural methods, for example, with herbal treatment.<br><br>What is the nature of pancreatic cancer?<br><br><br>What is meant by the term pancreas tumors and in English Pancreas Tumor is the total tumors that affect the pancreas and which are called pathological tumors, and therefore the pancreas cancer is within the category of pancreas tumors, it causes about ninety percent of all tumors that occur in the pancreas, which is very simply is A chain and a group of genetic mutations that occur in the healthy cells of the pancreas, and these mutations are what cause the presence of pancreatic tumors represented by pancreatic cancer by converting healthy cells into cancerous and tumor cells.<br><br>What is the function of the pancreas, and the effect of the tumor on the pancreas?<br>The pancreas is a very important organ in the body, it helps in the process of managing blood sugar and also secretes digestive hormones that help in the process of digesting food. It is located in the stomach and in particular it is located behind the lower part of the stomach. Pancreatic cancer is a serious disease because it spreads very quickly to neighboring organs. It is therefore considered dangerous because it causes other types of cancer in other organs, and its seriousness does not only occur over the extent of its spread, but it is also dangerous because it is rare for pancreatic cancer to be discovered in its initial stages and in most cases it is discovered in the advanced stages.<br><br><br><br>The pancreas is a pear-like organ but inverted on the side. The length of the pancreas is about 6 inches, or about 15 cm. The pancreas secretes various hormones, including insulin and various digestive juices that help the stomach to digest, and pancreatic tumors here have occurred due to cancer when they are infected. Healthy pancreas cells have mutations in their DNA, and these mutations cause the cells to grow in an uncontrollable way that makes the cells stay alive for a very large period, which causes pancreatic tumors.<br><br>What are the symptoms of pancreatic cancer last stage?<br><br><br>We also said that pancreatic cancer is not detected until it was in the advanced stages, which are called the late stage, in which the pancreatic tumors are clearly visible, and there are some of the main symptoms that concern this stage clearly, and in most cases of pancreatic cancer, symptoms appear only in the later stages. Symptoms of pancreatic cancer include:<br><br>Feeling very severe pain in the upper abdomen, and this pain can spread to the abdomen.<br>The incidence of symptoms of loss of appetite and weight loss significantly, because cancer here weakens the production of digestive substances produced by the pancreas that help in the process of digestion and extract the beneficial elements of the body from food.<br>Having diabetes, because pancreatic cancer affects the production of insulin significantly, leading to diabetes.<br>Among the symptoms that may appear and may appear that pancreatic tumors appear on the outer skin of the abdomen significantly, which is represented in the presence of an enlarged stomach.<br>Another major symptom of pancreatic cancer is a blood clot called Trusoe syndrome.<br>Feeling of fatigue and chronic fatigue is also a basic symptom. It is possible for the patient to have a syndrome called general fatigue syndrome, which is a syndrome of fatigue and fatigue that lasts for a very long period of 6 months to years. .<br>Also among the main symptoms is a symptom called jaundice, which is the color of the outer skin in yellow, and the eye color in white.<br>Having indigestion and chronic acidity are among the main symptoms of pancreatic cancer.<br><br><br>If simply pancreatic cancer is represented by several of the symptoms that are the change of skin color to yellow with the change of eye color to white and a feeling of general weakness and diabetes with a presence of indigestion with problems in the natural output processes with a feeling of depression with the presence of blood clots.<br><br>What is the cure rate for pancreatic cancer?<br>Pancreatic tumors are considered to be very bad tumors, including pancreatic cancer, which is classified as a type of cancer and deadly disease, unfortunately, only the World Health Organization found that the death rate in this disease represents more than 98% of the total cases, so in 2007 almost 37 thousand were discovered A person in the United States of America infected with pancreatic tumors caused by pancreatic cancer, died of 37 thousand cases, about 98% of them.<br><br>What are the most dangerous stages of pancreatic cancer?<br><br><br>To answer this question, we must understand the way to discover pancreatic cancer first. Pancreatic cancer is not detected until about the last stage until it is afflicted with pancreatic tumors that are represented by tumors in the epithelial pancreas, papillary mucinoma and cystic mucosa, and the last stage is considered the most dangerous stage because it is It is very difficult to be cured because the cancer here has started in a new phase, which is spread to neighboring organs and development to other types of cancer to the point that<br></p><p>To completely devour the pancreas with various types of cancer, such as cancer of the external pancreatic secretions.<br><br> How to treat pancreatic cancer with herbs?<br>We said that pancreatic cancer in most cases is not detected except in the final stages that are very difficult to deal with and in most cases the patient will die if a new pancreas is not transplanted and the cancer does not spread to other organs, but in the case if pancreatic cancer is discovered in the beginning then it is possible Drug therapy or chemotherapy with the help of treatment in other ways, such as herbal treatment, and there are certain herbs that help in healing pancreatic cancer, namely:<br><br>Nettle herb: It is a herbaceous plant whose height reaches about one and a half meters, and it is considered very useful in eliminating cancer at its beginning, especially pancreatic cancer at its beginning, and nettle parts or any part of it is used until the roots. The plant contains a group Of the chemical compounds useful in treating cancer, such as amino compounds, flavonoids and glucokinum compounds, and it is used according to the doctor's description, a spoonful of nettle root powder is taken and then placed on a cup of boiling water and left the cup after ten minutes and repeat this process once in the morning and once in the evening.<br>Pigment veins: One race in the pigment herb reaches a length of about 90 cm, and it is considered a useful herb in the treatment of pancreatic cancer as it contains a compound of isocinoline alkaloids and a spoonful of root powder is taken and then added to a cup of boiling water and then stir well and eat it only once in Today when you sleep at night.<br>Pancreatic tumor treatment with haifu technique without surgery in Egypt<br>Some people resort to the best solution and the easiest and least dangerous solution is the treatment of malignant and benign pancreatic tumors through Haifu technology and without any surgical intervention or a lot of time in the treatment of pancreatic cancer<br><br>Learn more about HIFU technology in Egypt and book your appointment now with the best doctors for the treatment of cancer and tumor cells in Egypt.<br><br>Call us now on the hotline: 1985<br><br><br>Book your appointment now<br></p>

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