Treatment of liver and pancreatic tumors in HIFU

Treatment of liver and pancreatic tumors in HIFU HIFU technology is one of the best technologies available in the 21st century, in which many diseases are treated, and the most common diseases and tumors that are treated in this treatment are liver and pancreatic cancer in HIFU without side effects. In the 21st century, some modern technologies have been introduced on a wide scale. Medicine is one of the areas in which technology is used extensively because it helps to solve complex medical problems. Among these large technologies is the revolutionary technology of HIFU, This article will attempt to explain the treatment of liver and pancreatic tumors in HIFU. Pancreatic tumors before we mention the treatment of liver and pancreatic tumors in HIFU, we should talk about these tumors briefly and give a brief overview of them until we know how to treat liver and pancreatic tumors in HIFU. And pancreatic tumors are divided into benign tumors and malignant tumors, and here we will talk about the tumors of the pancreas malignant because it is intended in the process of treatment by the technique of HIFU revolutionary, malignant tumor of the pancreas here is the meaning of pancreatic cancer, and pancreatic cancer is one of the most severe and dangerous cancers in the world, The pancreatic cancer has a cure rate of not more than 2% for several reasons. First, pancreatic cancer is a malignant type that is not detected in the early stages but by accident. When it occurs, it causes almost no side effects. In most cases, a very large percentage of pancreatic cancer is detected in its final stages, which are accompanied by several important symptoms such as abdominal pain, especially the upper abdominal area, with pain in the back area of the pancreas in the back , And the injury of people with multiple diseases such as diabetes, and an important symptom is jaundice, which is the transformation of skin color to yellow color and eye color to white color is very white, and also important symptoms is the loss of weight in an abnormal manner, and also blocked intestinal, and most cases Pancreatic cancer is unfortunately caused The cancer is then spread and spread in many parts of the abdomen, and here the patient is infected with another group of cancers and the most famous is liver cancer and bowel cancer and the situation could develop into cancer of the blood. Pancreatic cancer occurs mainly because of genetic mutations in pancreatic cells, resulting in abnormal cell growth. These mutations are spread to other cells, causing a large group of pancreatic cells to cause pancreatic disease, and pancreatic cancer in the first stage can be treated either by chemotherapy or radiotherapy or another method. There are two main types of pancreatic cancer, namely glandular cancer, which is a cancer of the pancreas channels that help in the secretion of digestive acids. The other cancer is cancer that affects the cells that produce the A Remoons in the body. Treatment of pancreatic tumors in Hahevo In this article we said that we will talk about the treatment of liver and pancreatic tumors in Hahevo, so in this paragraph we will mention the subject of HIFU and how to treat pancreatic tumors, especially pancreatic cancer. The HIFU technique is a kind of modern therapeutic technology that uses thermal therapy, and the HIFU technique simply uses sound waves for treatment. In particular, the treatment is performed by high-intensity concentrated ultrasound, and the HIFU is used in the treatment of diseases It is used in many cosmetic operations, most famous of which are face-lift by HIFU. HIFU technique is performed by applying ultrasound waves to a particular area of the tissue in a specific organ or area of the body. The pancreas is one of the most common tumors treated by HIFU, because the pancreas is characterized as a very sensitive member, and it is difficult to intervene surgically from In order to remove any tumors, therefore, in almost all pancreatic tumors, drugs and any type of treatment are HIFU used without surgical treatment. The pancreatic cancer tumors are treated by means of the technique of by carefully identifying the tumor, identifying the area that will be treated accurately by magnetic resonance, and then ultrasound waves are shed on the tumor by the delivery of packets of ultrasound that convert to energy The temperature of the beams here is between 60 and 85 degrees Celsius. This high temperature destroys and kills the cancer cells completely and helps prevent the spread. Liver cancer for the treatment of liver tumors and pancreatitis. Liver cancer is also considered a serious cancer, but there is good news that pancreatic cancer can be treated. There are many different ways to treat pancreatic cancer, although the condition is very serious. , The liver can be fully replaced if another liver is available, and the treatment methods used to treat the liver are treatment by means of HIFU. Liver cancer the main cause of the disease is the occurrence of genetic mutations and changes in the cell's DNA as well, almost the same thing in every type of cancer, but liver cancer can be a symptom of another cancer such as colon cancer or pancreatic cancer

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