Liver cancer treatment

<p> Treatment of liver cancer<br>One of the worst cancers in human life today is liver cancer. Traditional methods of treating various types of cancer are no longer very high. New technologies, such as the revolutionary Haifu technique, have been used. Hepatocellular carcinoma is treated with ultrasound.<br><br>In this article we will talk about liver cancer, what its causes, and then we will talk about the technology of Haifu, which is one of the most important techniques of ultrasound treatment in the twenty-first century, and how this technique, and then we will explain how the treatment of liver cancer Bahivu, There are effects or damage to the use of this technique or not, and how effective the technique of Haifu on the treatment of liver cancer.<br><br>Liver Cancer<br>Liver cancer is one of the most common types of cancers around the world. Liver cancer is simply a conversion of liver cells into cancerous cells. Liver cancer cells occur when they have abnormal growth and growth, swell and grow very quickly. The form of the tumor, but not enough, it is transmitted to other cells, and spread heavily in the liver, and if not treated will spread in other organs and other organs of the body such as the abdomen, lungs and others.<br><br>This growth and conversion in cells is explained by the fact that the DNA in the liver cells has been altered or malfunctioned in its function or in its composition. The DNA is a process that is similar to the treatment itself, which means that the cell grows and matures considerably, and as we said it is not only growing, Cancer cells have the advantage of proliferation and infection of the rest of the liver cells, and this is a common advantage in all types of cancer, for example, cancer of the lymph nodes is one of the greatest qualities that characterize, which is the fastest type of cancer spread throughout the body, because it spreads to the lung and to the blood and Pancreas and liver, and into the stomach M from each hand.<br><br>And liver cancer is not necessary to be reviewed periodically, but in most cases diagnosed with liver cancer, is discovered by chance at any stage, whether the initial stage or the late stage of the disease, but by performing a process of imaging of the abdomen, because the patient complains Of abdominal pain has nothing to do with the liver pain permanently, and because of an enlarged abdomen in general.<br>There are two types of liver cancer. There is the first type or type of Asai in the word "Ole", the type that affects the liver directly, and there is the other type of liver cancer, the secondary type, which is the result of another cancer, for example there is cancer of the lymph nodes, Other cancers include liver cancer, secondary liver cancer and pancreatic cancer. Cancer is one of the cancers that cause secondary liver cancer, lung cancer, and more. Approximately 21,000 Americans are diagnosed with primary liver cancer every year. According to statistics, primary liver cancer Men are more likely than women to be two N.<br><br>Causes of liver cancer<br>Before I mention the treatment of liver cancer, I should first mention the causes of liver cancer, and in general, to a large extent, the main cause of liver cancer or any other type of cancer is not yet known, but scientists have found that there are certain causes or risk factors More m other, causes liver cancer, including:<br><br>    The main cause of liver cancer is the condition of cirrhosis of the liver, the condition of cirrhosis that leads to cirrhosis of the liver, and cirrhosis is a major cause of liver cancer.<br>    After a long study on liver cancer cases, it was found that a large number of sufferers were addicted to eating excessively and too much alcohol, if alcohol was one of the major causes of liver cancer.<br>    A major cause of liver cancer is the infection of various hepatitis viruses. Two major types of liver cancer are hepatitis C, the other type is hepatitis B, About 30 percent of those diagnosed with liver cancer have these two types of hepatitis.<br>    One of the main reasons is also smoking greedily<br>    Exposure to a substance called aflatoxin, a manifestation of certain chemicals produced by a fungus found in food, which is highly toxic to the liver.<br>    A major cause is inflammation of the bile ducts in the liver<br>    The liver is infected with a type of worm called the perforated worm.<br>    Diabetes plays a major role in liver cancer. </p><p> Hayfu<br>And before we talk about the treatment of liver cancer in Hahevo, we must first understand together what this technique and its history, and Haivu is a kind of medical operations that are high-precision, which is the use of ultrasound sound therapy, by switching waves Voice to energy is like thermal energy in the body and then destroy or treat the thing to be treated.<br><br>When ultrasonic waves touch the body naturally, they turn into thermal energy, but the matter needs precision to be converted to heat energy at certain degrees and ratios and very high accuracy, for use in treatment.<br>Here are the use of certain devices, which cast ultrasound sound in the form of concentrated packages, which are shed on the skin, and then turn into thermal energy, which is exported on the part to be treated, and this technique is reaching the parts are small and accurate and very deep within the fabric in The body can not be accessed by different surgical purifications.<br><br>For example, if we have a particular tumor, whether malignant or not malignant, and this tumor is located in the area of ​​the body can not reach the surgical instruments, because it is a small tumor and accurate, but must be removed for fear of proliferation, it occurs here that the ultrasound On the tissue located in the tumor area, and then these waves will be converted to a thermal energy between 60 degrees to 85 degrees Celsius, and shed this heat accurately on the tissue to destroy and remove the tumor from it only, the elimination and removal of the tumor in a successful manner without any side effects, The method ensures that the tumor does not spread again, it is a method similar to ironing.<br><br>Treatment of liver cancer<br>Now the role is to shed light on the process of treating liver cancer with havio. Liver cancer is a bad cancer that causes many problems and severe pain. Liver cancer is treated with havio in the same way that I explained above, but the difference here is that the temperature of the liver reaches 70 The degree to 90 ° C at most, and the MI is burned, killed and destroyed all cancer cells in this way, chemotherapy can be used next to this method in order to prevent the spread of cancer again, and there is no knowledge that there are side effects of this technique until now If the temperature goes up About 90 far. <br></p>

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