Treatment of pancreatic cancer with hifu

<p> Treatment of pancreatic cancer<br>The types of cancers in modern times vary between benign, which can be treated quickly and does not cause great danger, and between types of malignant cancers that threaten human life, including pancreatic cancer, and there is a new way emerged from only a few years, namely the treatment of pancreatic cancer in Haifu.<br><br>In this article we will highlight one of the most serious diseases of the age, which is a serious type of cancer, which is the cancer of the pancreas, and basically talking about it at length to finally reach the subject of treatment of pancreatic cancer in Haifu, and will explain what is the cancer of the pancreas and why it is considered the most dangerous Types of cancers in general, and what symptoms appear on the body so we can judge and say that this is pancreatic cancer.<br><br>Pancreas cancer<br>Many people believe that the pancreas is not useful or necessary. Many people call it spleen in the Arab region. They think it is bitter. If it is removed, nothing will happen to the body, but in fact the pancreas has a very large role in the human body.<br><br>The pancreas is found in humans in general and most types of vertebrates, especially animals, and the length of the human is about 15 cm, and is located in the upper back of the stomach, and takes the pancreas shape of pears horizontally, and the pancreas is important in the process of sorting the juices and materials needed to be able Stomach of digestion of food.<br><br>It is said that the stomach does not itself to process secretion of substances and digestive juices, but taken from different organs, such as the liver, and pancreas here is one of the important members, which produces digestive juices that help in the digestion of food, and does not stand the role of The pancreas at this point, but the process of secretion of hormones, which is called the process of metabolism of sugars, and there are many roles of the pancreas are countless, and modern science is still in an attempt to discover the functions of the pancreas does not end.<br>Pancreatic cancer is a genetic defect in the pancreas, called genetic mutations that occur in healthy cells of the pancreas. This genetic defect eventually leads to cancer cells.<br><br>Pancreatic cancer is considered one of the most dangerous cancers because it is malignant disease does not appear in the beginning, almost most or most of the cases have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and the last stage of the pancreas means that can not be cured or save the patient, in most cases.<br><br>But in cases where they have been detected, treatment can be done, but treatment should be done immediately by chemotherapy or any of the different ways to treat pancreatic cancer, including treatment of pancreatic cancer in modern havio.<br><br>But there is a glimmer of hope. Not long ago, a patient with pancreatic cancer was cured and was in his final stage, but of course, after complicated medical steps, the liver was replaced, the pancreas was replaced, and cancer spread in other organs.<br><br>Because of the risk of pancreatic cancer that, as we mentioned it is detected in the final stage, which carries terrible pain, and does not stop that limit, in the final stage of pancreatic cancer, the cancer has spread in other organs, liver injury secondary liver cancer, It affects parts of the intestine, affects the lung and affects the gallbladder, meaning that the patient is inevitably dead. Treatment can be done if the pancreas is replaced, but of course the cancer does not spread to other organs, provided that the cancer has no further extension so that the new pancreas is not infected with cancer .<br><br>Symptoms of pancreatic cancer<br>We have said that pancreatic cancer in most cases is not detected except in the final stage of it, which is called the deadly stage of pancreatic cancer, if we think a little, we will find that in most cases there is no clear symptoms and we can say that there is a person with cancer The pancreas, however, after studying a large group of pancreatic cancer patients, enables doctors to confine some symptoms which, if met, should immediately go to the doctor until they are confirmed and reassured. These symptoms include: </p><p> One of the most prominent symptoms of pancreatic cancer is the presence of severe pain in the upper abdomen. This pain is a deep pain, not in the area of ​​the diaphragm or the area of ​​the mouth of the stomach. The patient feels that there is a pain in his abdomen. When the patient takes colic pills or different painkillers, however, the pain does not increase but gradually increases over time. There is a distinctive sign that can be found: This pain is related to pancreatic cancer. The patient feels great relief when bending forward.<br>    The painless jaundice, which turns the color of the white eye to yellowing with yellowing of the skin, is similar to the symptoms caused by liver tumor or liver problems in general.<br>    Acute fatigue syndrome, which means that the patient always feels exhaustion and fatigue when doing the most effort, and of course accompanied by symptoms such as significant weight loss, and not sleep normally, and depression and other symptoms of acute fatigue syndrome.<br>    We also said that pancreas has a key role in the secretion of gastrointestinal juices, which means that the stomach is not complete digestion except the digestive juices digested by the pancreas, so any problem in the liver, will certainly appear on the stomach through indigestion with a heartburn in the mouth of the stomach .<br>    The problem is that the food is not digested well, the patient suffers from diarrhea and constipation, and feeling nausea and vomiting, and the most prominent symptoms of a patient pancreatic cancer is the condition of liquid feces.<br>    The most common is a syndrome called Trosso syndrome, which is a blood clot in the blood vessels of the liver.<br>    The pancreas excretes substances that metabolize sugars, including insulin, that is, the pancreas secrete insulin mainly, and pancreatic cancer affects the secretion of insulin mainly, which ultimately causes diabetes as a result of the body's production of insulin.<br>    The latest symptom is the injury of other cancer organs such as the liver, intestines and lungs.<br>    However, can pancreatic cancer be treated in different ways, such as treating pancreatic cancer with havio ?, which is what I will mention in the next paragraph.<br><br><br>Treatment of pancreatic cancer<br>HAVO is a very sophisticated technology that uses ultrasound to treat many problems, including different tumors, whether benign or malignant, including pancreatic cancer.<br>Here is the use of a device dedicated to the technology of Haifu, where the ultrasound waves on the tumor, whether benign or malignant, and once the ultrasonic waves touch the human body, automatically converted to heat energy any heat, and this temperature is controlled by the device, The heat destroys this tumor very accurately without affecting the rest of the body.<br>The pancreatic cancer can be treated with havio if it has not spread to the other organs and if the pancreas has not been severely damaged, then the havu is placed on tumor cells very accurately and very large. The temperature here is about 70 to 95 degrees, Completely cancerous, leaving no trace of it, but provided that the cancer is not spread in other organs. <br></p>

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