Treatment of fibroblastoma with hifu

<a target="_blank" rel="nofollow" href=""></a> <p> Treatment of fibroblastoma<br><br>Of the most areas in women and are afraid to be exposed to any problem in general uterine uterus, and of course because women do not feel femininity only with a uterus healthy can be a container for pregnancy, and many of the problems that affect the uterus are uterine fibroids, and treatment methods are the treatment of uterine tumors Fibromyalgia.<br>In this article we will talk about the problem of tumors of the uterus, especially fibroids, and we will define it clearly before we mention the method of treatment of uterine fibroids in the havio, and we will explain the reasons that lead to the emergence of these tumors, and are tumors cancerous malignant or not, or Are benign tumors, what are their symptoms, and whether treatment of uterine fibroids in Haïvo causes a problem in pregnancy or not.<br><br>Fibroblastoma<br><br>In general, fibroblasts of the uterus are classified as benign tumors. We start with the news that these fibroids are not considered to be very dangerous to women unless very small, if the fibroid is too large.<br>Fibroids in the womb are a tumor in the womb, a non-cancerous tumor. In most cases, it appears in menopause, in the period of reproduction to menopause, and is also known as smooth muscle tumor or smooth muscle swelling.<br><br>Fibroblastoma is one of the most common cancers affecting women in general. An approximate statistic was carried out in 2013 on the number of women with this tumor. This number was estimated at more than 170 million women around the world. This is a very large number. It is clear that this tumor is very widespread among most women, because women who have been diagnosed with fibroids in the womb were by chance, and the number of women infected was estimated at more than 60% of the total number of women around the world. Girl and you read this article it is possible to be infected with these tumors by 60% , And as I said it is benign tumor can be easily eliminated, and there are many women live these tumors throughout their lives and do not know and deal naturally and can have children more than once.<br><br>The uterine fibroblast is the growth of cells in the uterus abnormally. These cells begin to spread but swelling and the mass of a small tumor, starting at about the size of the first 5 mm to 5 cm, and this tumor is very similar to cancer tumors, because cancer is due to Cell growth is caused by a genetic change in the DNA of the cells, but fibroids in the womb here can be known of course by the endoscopy or various examination methods used by the doctor, and uterine fibroids may be scattered in the womb and next to each other, The tumor is large, and the fibromyalgia spreads only in Uterus, removed and treated in many ways, including medicine, including surgery can treat tumors, including uterine fibroids Balhayevo.<br><br>As for uterine cancer, if not treated early, it will lead to more problems. It will spread throughout the womb, leading to the necessity and inevitability of removing the uterus completely. If not treated quickly, it will spread to the area around the uterus, such as the bladder and intestines. Reproductive system, pancreas, liver and other important organs. </p><p> Symptoms of uterine fibroids<br><br>As we have said that there are many women are infected with uterine fibroids do not know and live their lives in a very normal way, but the problem begins when women complain of the presence of pain in the abdominal region of the uterus, then the emergence of some symptoms associated with this pain is clearly shown that this pain exists Because of uterine fibroids, including the following:<br><br>    The presence of pain varies between the degree of severe and simple in the abdomen in the uterus, and there is no medical reason to illustrate this pain.<br>    The feeling of women having pain in intercourse, and a burning sensation in the area of ​​natural intercourse (vagina)<br>    Feeling a woman with abnormal pain during menstruation (menstrual cycle)<br>    The presence of abnormal hemorrhage and a large amount in the period of the menstrual cycle, and if there is a bleeding period is not the period of menstruation, this indicates a fundamental problem in the uterus most often the presence of a tumor.<br>    The feeling of colic often and some muscle cramps in the abdomen with swelling, diarrhea and constipation.<br>    Feeling very hot during urination<br>    And the last presentation is very important, the appearance of a tumor or the form of a sac of vaginal opening, and be clear to the naked eye, and here has occurred to the tumor and grew very large, to the extent that the uterus is no longer able to absorb the tumor, the tumor began to emerge from any opening, Surgical intervention should be performed by Vera or other methods of disposal of the uterus, such as fibroblastoma.<br><br><br>Haifu technology<br><br>Because of the many pathological problems that emerged in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, the need for new treatments was needed, many diseases could be treated without the need for surgical intervention, and Haifu was one of those very distinctive revolutionary techniques<br>HAVO technique uses ultrasound waves to get rid of tumors, surgical problems or even cosmetic procedures. Certain frequencies are used with very high precision ultrasonic waves. Once the ultrasonic waves of the skin or connective tissue, which are meant by the human body, become The temperature of the ultrasound is controlled here by the havu device, and fibroblasts can be treated with havio easily if the condition calls for it.<br><br>Treatment of fibroblastoma<br><br>We have also said that there are many people who are infected with these tumors, and most often die for a tumor of its own, not even a woman needs treatment, and if the symptoms are painful and the examination and the doctor has found tumors, he will choose one of three choices depending on the case :<br><br>    The first choice will tell the patient that he is a normal tumor and will go on his own and do not need any drugs or drugs and can only use painkillers to get rid of the pain until the tumor goes on its own.<br>    The second option is to use some medications and drugs to help the body get rid of the tumor naturally, if the condition needs treatment and was simple and can be treated with medication.<br>    The third choice is to have surgery or advanced techniques, such as fibroblastoma, to remove tumors in the uterus.<br><br><br>Fibroblasts of the uterus are treated with HAVIVO by way of locating the tumor very carefully. Ultrasonic waves, which turn into a temperature between 65 and 80 ° C, are then placed on the cells where the tumor is located, so that it is easily managed without leaving any trace. <br></p>

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