Treatment of liver tumors

<p> Treatment of liver tumors<br>Liver is an important member of the body, and no one in us can deny it, it is the one who denies the function and importance of the liver, and as long as it is an important member, should be immediately treated any problems, and these problems are different tumors such as infections, viruses and others, Modern is the method of treatment of liver tumors in Hahevo.<br><br>In this article we will talk about the treatment of liver tumors in Haïvo, and we will recall whether Haifu affects the liver after treatment or has any side effects in general the body, but before that you must first know the type of tumors that affect the liver and are treated by HAVO, are benign tumors or malignant tumors such as liver cancer.</p><p> Haifu technology<br>In the twentieth century and the twenty-first century diseases have increased completely unnatural, which led to the need for the existence and invention of some new therapeutic techniques, because incurable diseases are difficult to treat significantly, such as liver tumors or liver cancer, and exposure to chemotherapy is a companion to pain and aches Large, and bad psychological condition, with all the side effects of exposure to chemotherapy and radiation therapy for cancer treatment.<br><br>The technology of Haifu is a technique used ultrasound for medical use in many issues, can be used in the process of cosmetic, thanks to this technique became cosmetic surgery is not difficult and not as serious as the past, and is used primarily in surgery to reach the The sensitive areas that surgeons can not access with their traditional tools can be used to destroy malignant tumors such as cancerous tumors, such as the treatment of hepatitis.<br><br>The technique is used by the ultrasound waves on the cancerous tumor in the liver at a very high accuracy. When these waves enter the body, they turn into thermal energy between 65 degrees to 80 degrees. This thermal energy destroys and burns the cancerous tumor, The use of havoo technology alone or chemotherapy can prevent cancer from spreading again.<br><br>Benign liver tumors<br>As we mentioned the method of treatment of liver tumors, especially liver cancer, it is time to mention some of the other benign liver tumors, which are as follows:<br><br>    Vascular tumor: This type of tumors is the most prevalent types of benign tumors that affect the liver, which are tumors found in the blood vessels, and accounts for more than 7% of the total liver tumors in the liver, which in most cases does not need To the treatment often and does not cause symptoms or pain, but any bleeding has occurred here, the patient needs to remove these blood vessels in the liver, and here can be used to remove Haivu this tumor also.<br>    Glandular tumor: As we have said that the treatment of liver tumors can be used with havio, this tumor is a benign tumor that can use haifu in it, which is generally non-diffuse, and affects women more than men significantly, a tumor occurs in the right lobe of the liver, Doctors say that this tumor appears in women who use drugs that have estrogen in order to prevent pregnancy, or are using drugs that have steroids, and the size of this tumor from the first 1 cm to about 30 cm, and the most important symptom of this tumor is the presence of severe pain Very abdominal area of ​​the liver, here can cure ur M liver Balhayevo to destroy and kill and burn the tumor completely.<br>    Focal hyperplasia: A type of benign tumor that is also very widespread. It is a tumor caused by congenital deformities in the various liver arteries. The Haifu technique can be used to correct this deformity. <br>Malignant liver tumors<br>Different types of liver tumors in modern times between benign tumors and malignant tumors, and perhaps the most famous types of liver tumors are malignant liver tumor known as liver cancer.<br><br>Liver cancer is a serious cancer that threatens life in general. Liver cancer is a process of growth and proliferation of unhealthy cells within the liver, and often it is not discovered that the patient has liver cancer only after examination by the doctor after a complaint in a particular pain. Abdomen or abdomen in general.<br><br> There are two types of liver cancer, there is a type of liver cancer called the first, which arises in the liver and enter the body cells without transmission of another part of the body, and there is another type of liver cancer called secondary cancer, which does not arise in the liver, but Is spread to the liver by another type of cancer found in the body, for example, if a person has leukemia, the cancer will spread throughout the body and almost the liver, and this is called this cancer secondary cancer, and the most common cancers that cause liver disease Liver cancer is pancreatic cancer, in most cases of cancer of the pancreas Necreas is not detected in the final stage, which is the cancer that has emerged from the pancreas and spread to other places.<br><br>As for liver cancer, it can be treated in many ways, including the treatment of liver tumors in Hahevo, and liver cancer primary or primary did not know the main cause of the liver injury or in its inception, because it was not reached a basis for the definitive cause of any type of cancer, but from It is known that cancer is a genetic change in the DNA of cells, and this change causes a process of growth in the growth of cells, cells are very large, then spread this change to other cells, and eventually collect cells together causing a large cancerous tumor, The same is true for liver cancer Or a change of Jenny in the liver cells, this begins to spread to the rest of the other cells, composed eventually cancerous tumors in the liver.<br><br>There are basic symptoms of liver cancer, whether secondary or primary, can be inferred on liver cancer, including:<br><br>    The presence of bulge in the abdomen is particularly large and hypertrophy of the liver, with the presence of a mass of enlarged intestine which is on the right side more than any other area in the abdomen.<br>    Anemia is known as anemia<br>    Feeling of pain in the back area<br>    The incidence of jaundice is yellowing of the skin and the yellowing of the white eye, with the possibility of pain in the eye at the same time yellowing.<br>    The feeling of itching around the body varies from one case to another<br>    The loss of weight significantly<br>    The incidence of high temperature for a long time without any obvious cause.<br>    The feeling of being overheated most of the time though it was a loss of weight and not to eat much<br>    Anorexia of course with feeling sick with fever with diarrhea. <br></p>

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