What are fibroids?

<p><b>What are fibroids ?<br></b><br>One of the most sensitive places found in women and exposed to many health problems is the uterine area, and those medical problems that affect the uterus are uterine fibroids, which can affect women but are not detected only at a late stage during the examination process.<br><br>Any problem that affects the uterus can cause infertility and problems in pregnancy and childbirth, so in this series of articles we will discuss the issue of uterine fibroids, and how it affects women and the causes that lead to symptoms if there are symptoms of this medical condition We will also show whether this tumor is considered a cancerous tumor or not and how to treat or excise the uterine fibroids.<br><br>Fibroid and menstrual cycle<br>We also said that uterine fibroids are considered as non-severe tumors such as cancer tumors, which are not detected in the late stages, and also does not show symptoms in most of the women who develop these tumors, but there is a frequent occurrence of women for various reasons is the presence of disorders in Menstrual cycle, therefore, are very important symptoms if repeated repeatedly for more than 3 months It is better to go to the doctor to make sure that there are no fibroids in the uterus, especially with very severe pain during the menstrual cycle and severe bleeding during menstruation, which is Where the amount of menstrual blood is larger and more m Again, there are other important symptoms such as the feeling that the lower abdomen is full and heavier and has expanded in size with an increase in abnormal urination with unpleasant pain and uncomfortable during sexual relationship with the feeling of lower back pain, especially With difficulty in pregnancy without a clear medical problem in the couple.<br></p>

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