fibroids and pregnancy

<p>After reviewing the relationship of uterine fibroids to the menstrual cycle and their symptoms, we review in this article the effects of fibroids on pregnancy<br><br><b><u>fibroids and pregnancy<br></u></b><br>Before we mention the relationship or effect of uterine fibroids on pregnancy, we must first mention what these tumors are and how they occur.<br>First, there is an important information to know is that not all tumors in the body are cancerous tumors, therefore, uterine fibroids are not cancerous tumors and that reassures after something, and as long as the tumor is not cancerous, if it is easy to deal with, and often uterine fibroids appear within years Uterine fibroids are not bound to endometrial cancer. Fibroids differ in size, which are the size of a seed that is undetectable by the naked eye, to the huge tumor of large mass that can cause deformity in Uterus is like a search Medical fibrosis is called uterine enlargement, and multiple fibroids in the uterus can become multiple and not a single mass. The uterus is very enlarged until its enlargement reaches the rib cage. In fact, uterine fibroids can infect women for long periods. Of their lives but are only discovered after screening in various ways such as ultrasound examination before birth.<br><br>As for the relationship of uterine fibroids and pregnancy, according to the World Health Organization that about 75% of women develop fibroids in the uterus without any symptoms or medical problems, but as long as the tumor is present in the uterus, therefore, uterine fibroids affect the process of fertility and pregnancy If there are too many women with uterine fibroids, however, they have a high pregnancy and fertility rate, but there is a problem in fertility and pregnancy if the uterine fibroids are in a place that prevents the whole process, such as these tumors exist and operate. Cavity of compassion M, which leads to impede the stability of the fertilized egg or the stability of the fetus, or it leads to the closure of the openings of the fallopian tubes, and this certainly leads to the difficulty of pregnancy, imagine with me it is like a water pipe has been blocked, is the water can reach the tap, of course not Therefore, the fallopian tube is the channel through which the sperm passes to the uterus, where the egg is waiting for the sperm, which will be selected the strongest sperm in them to be fertilized, leading to the fact that the sperm can not meet the egg does not occur pregnancy , There is another problem in pregnancy that tumors of rheumatoid arthritis Fibroblasts grow significantly during pregnancy due to the release of a high proportion of hormones in the blood.<br><br>If simply fibroids are non-cancerous tumors are simple and can be treated and the incidence of problems in pregnancy does not exceed 3% of women with uterine fibroids.<br></p>

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