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<p>Treating benign and malignant tumors without surgery in Egypt is one of the first and most important priorities for tumor treatment doctors and doctors in Egypt, so we adopted the latest technology in the world is haifu technology, which can treat benign and malignant tumors without surgery, and the Haifu Center is the best center for benign tumors And malignancies and cancers in Egypt.<br><br>First: What are the symptoms of benign and malignant tumors ?!<br><br>Symptoms of tumors vary according to the type of tumor. Some tumors are accompanied by a general weakness in the body such as cancer and tumors of the liver and kidneys, while others cause bleeding, such as uterine fibroids. For more information read also: -<br>Fibroid uterine tumors<br>Pancreatic tumors<br>Benign uterine tumors<br>Benign and malignant liver tumors<br>Endometriosis<br><br>Second: - The causes of cancer, and the causes of benign and malignant tumors ?!<br><br>Causes are similar in many tumors and cancers. Causes are malignant tumors. Most tumors are due to:<br><br>1 - a change in hormones<br><br>The change in hormones greatly affects the formation of benign and malignant tumors, so there are among the types of treatment is hormone therapy.<br><br>2 - Exposure of the body to cancerous substances<br><br>Among the most important and well-known reasons for the formation of tumors, especially in liver cancer, are exposure to cancerous substances, whether through the skin and skin or food and stomach, and the large number of pesticides, air pollution and other reasons<br><br>3- Smoking<br><br>Smoking is one of the most important causes in the formation of lung cancer and contributes to the introduction of cancerous substances to the entire body<br><br>4 - Alcohol<br><br>Excessive alcohol consumption greatly affects the kidneys, their destruction and their inability to flush out toxins<br><br>Third: Treating benign tumors, treating malignant tumors, and treating cancer without surgery ?!<br><br>There are many types of treatment for cancers, such as surgical oncology, herbal oncology, chemotherapy or radiation therapy, and hormone therapy, but the safest and least dangerous way to treat cancers is radiotherapy or haivu therapy.<br><br>It is by shedding rays on tumors, ironing them and killing the infected cells, and thus expelling the body by natural means of excretion, so it does not cause any kind of danger and without any removal of the affected organ.<br><br>The Haifu Center Egypt includes many consultants specialized in oncology<br><br>Book your advice now<br>For details, call us now on the hot number: -<br>19875<br></p>

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