Endometriosis In egypt

<p>The uterus organ for women is the distinct organ of a woman only. It is the basis for the birth of her child. If a woman loses this organ, it affects her psychological state greatly, but the development of science and technology has addressed many problems facing the uterus, including the migratory lining of the uterus and the removal of the uterine tumor or uterine cancer has become easier and without any risk Or pain, and today we offer you treatment of endometriosis without surgery or pain in Egypt<br><br>First: What is endometriosis?<br><br>Endometriosis of the uterus is an unnatural, diffuse and rapid growth of several cells in an inappropriate location outside the uterus or in the pelvis or abdomen for several reasons, the most important of which are hormones or hormonal changes that cause the growth of the endometrium, and it is one of the most prevalent diseases so that almost 10% is the rate of exposure to the migratory endometrium .<br><br>What is the risk of endometriosis, and what are the complications of endometriosis?<br><br>Far from the severe pain caused by the migratory endometrium, which increases with time in the case of treatment counts, the endometrium may affect kidney function and may lead to kidney failure as a result of blocking the lining of the genitals in some cases<br><br>What are the causes of endometriosis?<br><br>The causes of endometriosis vary, but the most common are:<br><br>Change in hormones<br>- After operations in the womb or keratosis<br>Major disorder or immune system<br>Exposure to harmful cancerous or chemical substances<br><br>What are the symptoms of endometriosis migratory girls?<br><br>Symptoms are similar in the lining of the migratory uterus, whether old or young, and these symptoms are combined in: -<br><br>Endometriosis and migratory intercourse, months with severe pain during sexual intercourse, and heavy bleeding after sexual intercourse<br>The presence of severe pain in the pelvis and genitals<br>Bleeding profusely during the period and not on time<br>Infertility and delayed childbearing<br>Extreme fatigue and widespread body swelling, constipation or nausea, especially during the period of the period<br><br>Does endometriosis cause cancer?<br><br>Of course, cancer may arise due to the strange growth of these cells, especially as we have spoken before that exposure to chemicals or cancerous substances is one of the causes of endometriosis, so sometimes there is no doubt that endometriosis causes cancer.<br><br>Is the endometriosis after childbirth returned to its normal place?<br><br>Of course, there is the possibility of the stability of the natural hormones for the same or the treatment itself, then the hormones we have talked about are among the reasons that the change in hormones is one of the causes of endometriosis migrating, but after birth if the hormones return to their normal rate may heal and the body heals itself<br><br>What is the effect of endometriosis and pregnancy on the mother ?!<br><br>Endometriosis may lead to infertility or delayed childbearing, but in the case of pregnancy, please go quickly to our center to follow up on your condition.<br><br><br>Treatment of endometriosis in Egypt: -<br><br>Treatment of endometriosis differs from case to case and from the causes of infection to the method of treatment and there are many methods such as endoscopic migratory endometriosis treatment, treatment of endometriosis in the Indian premium, for example there are: -<br><br>Treating endometriosis with hormones: -<br><br>Treating endometriosis with medications, depending on the case. If the main cause of the migratory endothelium is a change in hormones, hormone therapy is the best and most reliable way to ensure that the disease does not return again.<br><br>Treatment of endometriosis with the Qur'an: -<br><br>Regardless of whether or not the endometrium can be treated with the Qur'an, seeking medical attention at our center is the safest solution to eliminate endometriosis before any risk or complications.<br><br>Treating endometriosis with herbs and treating endometriosis with ginger: -<br><br>There is no doubt that herbs (may) have a positive effect and an auxiliary factor in the treatment of endometriosis, cinnamon and endometriosis and help immensely in eliminating symptoms, but the best and most reliable solution remains medical intervention, and therefore a specialist doctor should be consulted at the Haifu Center for Oncology, It can be a serious condition, which does nothing good for herbs.<br><br>Treatment of endometriosis by removing the uterus: -<br><br>Treatment of endometriosis by surgery is considered the most dangerous method and the last solution for the doctor in the case of proliferation of the affected cells throughout the womb and there is no treatment or method for the condition, and the doctor will resort to it after trying many methods.<br><br>Radiotherapy for endometriosis without surgery or pain in Egypt<br><br>Among the latest and most specific methods of treatment, is the treatment of endometriosis by radiation, which is by directing the rays or some ultrasound waves to the affected cells to kill them, and get rid of the infected cells naturally, and it is considered the safest and most effective way to treat the migratory lining, which is what we provide in Haifu Center for Oncology and Endometriosis in Egypt<br><br><br><br>Contact us now and completely get rid of the endometrium without any surgery or pain, with the best doctor for the treatment of migratory endometriosis and specialists in the treatment of migratory endometriosis and tumors, such as Dr. Mohamed Hamid, Consultation of interventional radiology<br></p>

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