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<p>Polyps without surgery in Egypt, epidemics and diseases spread daily, but among the newly spread diseases are benign tumors, so that some studies say that 9 out of 10 women annually, with benign tumors in the breast, affect you not all ages and stages of life but increase the incidence of tumors Aging due to decreased body immunity<br><br>First: - What are benign tumors?<br><br>Tumors, whether benign or malignant, are the creation and growth of tissues in areas where they should not grow, or in the easiest sense of growth in excess of normal in any organ. Most common types of polyps, polyps in the breast, polyps in the head, benign tumors in the leg, benign tumors in the hand .... etc.<br><br>Second: - What are the symptoms of benign tumors?<br>Symptoms are similar between benign and malignant tumors and vary according to location. For example, head tumors cause: -<br><br>Headache and headache<br>Memory impairment<br>Vision problems<br>Trembling and chills<br>General fatigue and tiredness<br>Loss of appetite<br>Night sweats and fever<br>Undue weight loss<br><br>Third: - What are the causes of polyps?<br>The shape of the benign tumor also resembles the causes between benign and malignant tumors greatly, especially in the causes, but the difference in the effect on: -<br><br>A significant change in hormones, whether during pregnancy for women, or for any reason for men<br>- Some types of trauma or injuries suffered by the person<br>Hereditary causes<br>Exposure to toxic or carcinogenic substances, either through the skin or inside the body<br>Some medications that cause impaired body function<br><br>Fourth: - What are the types of polyps?<br><br>1- Type I (Adenomas)<br>Most of the time it affects the liver or colon, and affects the membrane surrounding the organs<br><br>2 - The second type (lipomas).<br>Among the most common and most common types of polyps, they often grow from fat or fat cells in the back, farmers, or neck.<br><br>3 - Myomas<br><br>Benign tumor form, this type grows more in the muscles and blood vessels, or inside the uterus and stomach<br><br>4- The fourth type (mole)<br>5- Fifth Type (Fibromyas - Fibroids)<br><br>When does adenoma become malignant ?!<br><br>It is difficult for a benign tumor to turn into a malignant, but the body may be severely damaged in the event of an enlarged tumor or an eruption, so it is very important to treat the tumor when it is detected and not wait for long periods.<br><br>Contact us now and get rid of the tumors forever without surgery or pain<br><br><br>Fifth: - What is the treatment for polyps in Egypt?<br><br> 1 - Treatment of polyps with natural herbs.<br><br>Treatment has spread benign tumors with natural herbs, regardless of the effect of herbs, the effect of which is on the symptoms often and not the tumor itself. Therefore it is not the best method of treatment, especially in the treatment of polyps in the head with herbs<br><br><br>2 - Treating polyps with hormones.<br><br>If the primary cause of the tumor is hormones, it is preferable that the treatment be for hormones, not the tumor, because the tumor does not return again, and the body will get rid of the tumor automatically<br><br>3- Treatment of adenoma with chemotherapy<br><br>It is considered one of the most difficult types of treatment, chemotherapy, and the most painful and sometimes the only solution, depending on the situation.<br><br>4- Treating adenoma with surgery<br><br>Treating adenoma with surgery is the last solution to treating tumors if all other methods fail.<br>It is by removing the entire affected organ or tumor only, depending on the case<br><br>Is the adenoma returned after its removal?<br><br>Yes, the benign tumor may return after its eradication, of course, and if the underlying causes of the tumor are not treated, then we talked about tumors that are caused by hormones, and if the hormones are not treated, the tumor returns again, and also in the case of exposure to cancerous substances<br><br><br><br> <br>5- Treating adenoma with interventional radiology or haifu<br><br> Treatment of adenoma with radiation is one of the newest methods for treating tumors and getting rid of them completely without surgery or pain, which is by shedding and directing the rays on the tumor and burning infected cells and disposing of them and the body will expel them automatically, and is considered one of the best types of treatments for benign tumors<br><br>6 - Treatment of benign tumors in the Quran.<br><br>The science has not proven any details about the treatment of benign tumors in the Qur’an. Rather, the delay may lead to complications in the tumor, but God is able to do everything. The supplication is necessary, but the reasons must be taken and the doctor should be visited immediately.<br><br>Discovering the tumor early, whether the malignant or benign tumor helps greatly to treat easily and quickly, so do not hesitate to contact us and book your appointment with the best doctors and specialists in oncology in Egypt.<br>Contact us now: -<br></p>

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