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<p>Kidney cancer or kidney tumors are considered to be one of the most common types of tumors or cancer that may afflict a person, because of their constant exposure to toxins inside the body to get rid of them, as some of these toxins or substances may affect them and a tumor is affected.<br>First, what is kidney cancer or kidney rum?<br>A person has two kidneys and cancer or a tumor is an abnormal growth of cells in the affected organ and in the kidney, often in the inner covers of the microscopic tubes that are the kidneys, in the ureter tube, or in the kidney basin.<br>What are the symptoms of kidney tumors?<br>Kidney tumors and their symptoms do not differ according to the stages. They are almost one with different severity, so: - What are the first signs of kidney cancer?<br>Blood in the owls<br>- The appearance of a ball or foreign object in the abdominal cavity<br>Often the symptoms of a kidney tumor appear only when the tumor has increased in size or at random examination<br>What are the stages of kidney cancer?<br>Kidney cancer has 4 main stages<br>Stage 1 of kidney cancer: The tumor is 7 cm in diameter and is in the kidney only<br>- The second stage of the kidney tumor: - It is greater than 7 cm and is still removed in the kidneys<br>The third stage of kidney tumor: - The kidney tumor extends to the tissues around the kidney and may appear in the nearby number<br>Stage 4 of kidney cancer: Here is when kidney cancer is dangerous, as the tumor spreads to other areas far from the kidneys, such as blood, bone, liver, lungs, etc.<br><br>How long does a kidney cancer patient live?<br>After the advent of the technique of radiation oncology, it became easy to eliminate tumors and cancers without surgery or pain, even with the spread of the tumor can be treated, and even with malignant kidney tumors<br><br><br>Can kidney cancer return to the body?<br>The return of kidney cancer is possible in the event of not completing the treatment of course, and there is no need to worry about spreading kidney cancer<br><br><br><br>What is the ultimate treatment of kidney tumors?<br>The tumor or cancer of the kidneys is no longer worrisome after the emergence of interventional radiology and the haifu technique in the treatment of tumors. Treatment varies according to the patient’s condition, age, and the extent of the tumor or cancer. There are many treatments such as<br>Total excision of the kidney, especially laparoscopic kidney tumor<br>Immunotherapy, which uses the immune system as a way to treat cancer by itself<br>- Radiotherapy<br>Treatment with tumor freezing or cancer - or heating<br>- Treating kidney cancer with herbs, or in the correct sense, treating pain and symptoms of kidney tumor with herbs<br><br>Book now I consulted with the Haifu Center for Oncology, the No. 1 Center in Egypt for Radiation Oncology and the Haifu Technology with a group of the most famous oncologists in Egypt<br></p>

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